Latest Work

This body of work is an attempt to unify the concepts of fantastical symbolism in allegorical myth with my own techniques of color composition and form. These paintings are meant to function as a positively stimulating assemblage of elements drawn from my imagination which I believe is closely connected to what we call the Subconscious Mind. In this way, I have begun to create a visual representation of our collective on-going myth told from my perspective. Working intuitively with color and form while experimenting with perspective and balance I hope to achieve an image that appeals to the viewer’s inner desire to project narrative onto art.  To me, this approach to painting deals with the current psychological crisis that humanity is experiencing, the battle between our culture’s conscious and subconscious minds. Each day we are seeing more and more of the things our conscious minds keep us from thinking about in order to live comfortably. It is my belief that understanding the Subconscious, unifying it with the Conscious, could possibly be a next step for the evolution of the human brain.

To this end, my paintings are a simultaneous exploration of the Conscious and Subconscious mind. They are a statement about the fundamentals of creative expression, that there exists a point in time when a thought becomes a reality, it is a trait which helps define humanity and it’s role in the world and the universe beyond.